Doing extended essays, and then blackout, i can’t work and submitted my essay late. Not sure whether i can get to my dream uni. 

My contingency plan — create a viable renewable energy project. So that no other student will go through the horrors of being unable to submit an assignment. Above all else, this country can utilize the most abundant source of energy, the sun! And no more hours-long power outages that loom our cities! Imagine a blackout in Jakarta. What happens in the rural areas? In Papua? Maluku? 


Cikande Estate

After success with the Senopati Estate Sepatan Housing and Senopati Estate Bekasi Housing, Graha Bumimas Group collaborated with PT. Lingkungan Raya Lestari and built a housing area with its commercial facilities comparable to a ruko, Waterboom and such on 60Ha land located in the Cikande area, named Senopati Estate Cikande. It’s very strategic residence, only 10 minutes exit Cikande toll road (in progress) and is very close to the Cikande Industrial Zone. Ranging from Rp. 119,400,000- Rp. 130, 055,000, Senopati Estate Cikande’s is a very affordable and strategic option for many families.

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Habitat for Humanity Housing Project

Habitat for Humanity is a global non-profit housing organization that operates in approximately 70 countries worldwide. The vision of Habitat is of a world in which everyone has a suitable place to live in. Habitat’s principles are to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, focus on shelter, advocate for affordable housing, promote dignity and hope and support sustainable and transformative development. In partnership with families in need of decent and affordable housing, Habitat works towards our vision by building strength, stability and self-reliance. Habitat homeowners, along with volunteers, help build their own homes and pay affordable mortgages. Habitat understands that safe, proper, and affordable housing plays a vital role in aiding families to a new life of opportunities and progress. These families are empowered to overcome the barriers between their families and better, healthier, more financially stable lives that so often exist.

“Get-Solar-It” Think Tank

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“Get-Solar-It” Movement

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To grant access to electricity across Indonesia, primarily in rural areas and to the less fortunate.


  • Contribute to Jokowi’s 35,000 MW energy project through solar energy research and prototyping.
  • Raise awareness and educate the advantages and the implementation process of renewable energy to the locals.
  • Initiate the “Get-Solar-It” Think Tank for high school students who are passionate in renewable energy.
  • Empower local villages by installing solar panels to their houses and nearby public facilities through “Get-Solar-It” Movement.


We are an independent student-run non-profit organization focusing on solar energy research. Supervised by Professor Hendri Uranus at our humble Engineering Lab at Universitas Pelita Harapan, two passionate high school students initiated a solar project after experiencing the nuisance of not having electricity. To ensure that people can get access to a reliable supply of electricity, Nelson and Justina set their eyes on the everlasting source of energy, that is the sun. We aim to provide the underprivileged people access to solar powered electricity in the most affordable way possible.



Co-founder, CEO

Nelson is a high school student at SPH Lippo Village who is passionate about science and renewable energy. His interests towards solar energy stemmed from seeing entire swaths of terrain scraped for strip mining in the name of fossil fuels. Nelson started an independent research project focusing on solar energy since he was in Grade 10. Building a successful solar panel prototype, Nelson is eager to share his product to the society, especially the underprivileged people.


Co-founder, CMO

Justina is a high school student at SPH Lippo VIllage who is passionate about science and people.

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